The new lease accounting standards
may seem confusing…

simpLEASE fixes that

Try our free demo to learn how simpLEASE makes lease accounting easy.

Change is inevitable and can be challenging.

The new accounting standard for leases represents a major change for nearly all organizations, but it doesn’t need to be disruptive. Schneider Downs Technology Advisors has developed a web-based software solution, simpLEASE AccountingSM, that can simplify your transition to the new standard.

The program was produced with insights from our own accounting professionals, ensuring that it will be current and easy for our clients to implement. We’re simplifying lease accounting so you can focus on the next big change on the horizon.

To get a sense for just how easy simpLEASE is to use, we invite you to give it a try. You’ll see that, without any training, simpLEASE is easy to understand and easier to use.